Name:36W/12V Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply


36W/12V Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply


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36W/12V Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply

GWS-DP36-12 is one economical slim 36W industrial DIN Rail power supply series, adapting to be installed on TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15 mounting rails. The entire series adopts the full range AC input from 90VAC to 264VAC and conforms to EN61000-3-2, the norm the European Union regulates for harmonic current.

GWS-DP36-12 is designed with metal housing that enhances the unit’s power dissipation. With working efficiency up to 86%, the entire series can operate at the ambient temperature between -40to 70under air convection. It is equipped with constant current mode for over load protection, fitting various inductive or capacitive applications. The complete protection functions and relevant certificates for industrial control apparatus make GWS-DP36-12 a very competitive power supply solution for industrial applications.

Product Name36W/12V Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply
Group of Output1
DC Voltage12V DC
Default Output Voltage12.00-12.2V (VIN: 220VAC / LOAD: 0A)
Output Rated Current3.0A
Output Current Range0-3.0A
Output Rated Power 36W
Total Peak Output Power Up to 54W(Sustainable time 10S/220VAC)
Peak Output Current4.5A( Sustainable time 10S/220VAC)
Ripple NoisePeak - Peak ≤100mV (Test Method: The terminal shall be in parallel with capacitance of 0.1uF and 47uF, testing at 20MHz)
Output Regulation Range10.0~15.0V
Stabilized Voltage Precision±1% (@ 90-264Vac input, 100% load)
Line Regulation±0.5% (@ 90-264Vac input, 100% load)
Load Regulation±1% (@ 90-264Vac input, 0-100% load)
Temperature Coefficient±0.03%/℃, (0~50℃)
Output Start Time2.5S @ nominal input (100% load, 25°C)
Output Hold Time > 22ms @ 115VAC, > 110ms @ 230VAC (100% load, 25°C)
Voltage Overshoot @-20~65℃≤5%
Input Voltage Range90~264VAC
Input Rated Voltage Range100~240VAC
Frequency Range47Hz~63Hz
Starting Voltage @-20~65℃90VAC
Efficiency @ 25℃> 86.0% @ 115VAC, > 87.0% @ 230VAC
Input Current @25℃< 0.80A @ 115VAC, < 0.40A @ 230VAC
Power Factor @25℃PF>0.6 (at full load)
Over Power Protection43.2~54.0W Swing machine (Testing method: Increase the output current until enabling the protection. Protection mode:Swing machine, Self-recovery after over-power released.)
Over Voltage Protection15~16V Swing machine (Short circuit the Pin1-2 of U8, swing machine. Output recovery to normal after removing the short circuit) Note: Do not use external voltage.
Over Current Protection3.6~4.5A Swing machine (Testing method: Increase the output current until enabling the protection. Protection mode:Swing machine, Self-recovery after over-current released.)
Short Circuit ProtectionIt achieves the long-term short circuit by connecting a sufficient cross-sectional area copper cable (Length at 15cm±5cm) with power output port. Self-recovery to normal after removing the short circuit.
Operation Temperature and Humidity-40~70℃; 20%~95%RH
Storage Temperature and Humidity-40℃~85℃; 10%~95%RH non-condensing
LibrationFrequency range: 10 ~ 500Hz, Acceleration: 2G, Each sweep cycle 10min. Six sweeps along the X, Y, and Z axis
SurgeAcceleration: 20G, Duration time: 11mS, Three shocks along X, Y and Z axis
Security StandardGB4943/EN60950 ■Reference □Certification
Dielectric StrengthInput—Output:3KVac/10mA; Input--Case:1.5KVac/10mA; Output---Case:0.5KVDC/10mA Time for each testing is 1min.
Grounding TestTest Condition: 32A/2min; Ground bond: <0.1 ohms.
Leakage CurrentInput to GND ≤3.5mA; Input to output ≤0.25mA (Input 264Vac, 63Hz)
Insulation ResistanceInput—Output: 10M ohms;
Conducted InterferenceEN55022, EN55024, FCC PART 15 CLASS B
Radiated InterferenceEN55022, EN55024, FCC PART 15 CLASS B
Harmaonic currentEN61000-3-2 CLASS D
Conducted EmissionEN61000-4-6 Level3
Radiated EmissionEN61000-4-3 Leve3 criterion B
Power Frequency EmissionEN61000-4-8 Level3
Electrostatic EmissionEN61000-4-2 Level4 criterion B
EFTEN61000-4-4 Level4 criterion B
SurgeEN61000-4-5 Level4 criterion B
Dip and InterruptionEN61000-4-11

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