Teach the Factors of Consideration When You Choose a Mesh Power Supply

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GWSpower Power Supply Adaptor to Teach the Factors of Consideration When You Choose a Mesh Power Supply

Net power is now one of the more popular varieties of power. Net power understood literally, knew it was all over with a small hole, as if it were the net, so people will call it a net power supply. Net power supply features: short circuit protection, overload protection, AC input power suitable for the world, small size, light weight, high efficiency, low working temperature 100% full-load burning test, soft-start current, reduce the AC input impact effectively containing EML filter, ripple is extremely small and so on. Is due to net power more and use it won\'t cause any problems so people will prefer the mesh power supply.

In network when considering the range of voltage and current of the power supply, because both of these indicators is relatively easy to determine if circuit power consumption calculation is OK. But also consider how you will test higher, low supply voltage extremes. General mesh power supply output voltages within a range of plus or minus 10%, if you still can not meet the requirements you need to the output of the circuit can be adjusted or choose to allow a wider range of network power supply. If powers the net power supplies for combined equipment, devices required for the largest circuit of 75%-90% by a mesh power supply is OK. If it isn\'t enough, then you can connect two net power supply or more of net power supply.

Select net power must take into account a good net power, scalability and security since the two are relatively important. First is parallel or is series work, is a mesh power cannot meet by needed of voltage or is current range of when, can with two a or is three a mesh power parallel or is series up using, in this work mode Xia, each mesh power module between of regulator and control circuit of contact still exists, but a mesh power as main control party addition a mesh power as by control party.

There is a mesh power supply overload protection, because a mesh power supply for use by different circuits, and flow of these circuits we all don\'t know, so in order to avoid damage to the network power supply, you need to set the scope of the protection circuit. Because all the power supplies have output range maximum output value is exceeded, there is power down the net on their own, in some power in addition to the procedure output area, can also automatically sets the power supply stable output\'s type, that is, when the circuit voltage or current exceeds the set limit when you need power supply NET automatic constant voltage source can have value stream source into a constant voltage source. There is a mesh power supply with protection diodes can prevent outside network damage caused by the polarity of the power supply, thermal sensors can also be used to prevent network overload or cooling power continued working in invalid mesh power supply burned out.

There is the mesh inside of the power supply source of potential damage caused, is the ripple and noise, because the best should be supplied pure DC voltage DC, however there will always be some disturbances such as the superposition of switching power supply output current ripple and high frequency oscillation of these two disturbances combined with net power supply noise makes net power supply shows intermittent and random drift.

Above is the choice of mesh power supply note is a factor. Because these factors would cause great damage to the mesh power supply. So the time to a mesh power supply necessary.

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