Name:240W/48V Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply


240W/48V Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply


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240W/48V Industrial Din Rail Power Supply

GWS-DP240-48 is one economical slim 240W industrial DIN Rail power supply series, adapting to be installed on TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15 mounting rails. The entire series adopts the full range AC input from 90VAC to 264VAC and conforms to EN61000-3-2, the norm the European Union regulates for harmonic current.

GWS-DP240-48 is designed with a metal shell, which is easy to increase the heat dissipation of the machine. The working efficiency is as high as 90%. The product can work in -40℃ to 70℃ambient temperature under the condition of air circulation. It has a constant current mode overload protection function and is suitable for various Inductive or capacitive load applications, complete protection functions and compliance with industrial control equipment certifications, making GWS-DP240-48 a very competitive power solution for industrial applications.

Porduct Name240W/48V Industrial DIN Rail Power Supply
Group of Output 1
DC Voltage DC48V
Default Output Voltage 48.00-48.2V (VIN: 220VAC / LOAD: 0A)
Output Rated Current 5A
Output Current Range 0-5A
Output Rated Power 240W
Total Peak Output Power Up to 360W(Sustainable time 10S/220VAC)
Peak Output Current 7.5A( Sustainable time 10S/220VAC)
Ripple NoisePeak - Peak ≤100mV (Test Method: The terminal shall be in parallel with capacitance of 0.1uF and 47uF, testing at 20MHz)
Output Regulation Range 47~56V
Stabilized Voltage Precision ±1% (@ 90V-264Vac input, 100% load)
Line Regulation ±0.5% (@ 90-264Vac input, 100% load)
Load Regulation ±1% (@ 90-264Vac input, 0-100% load)
Output Start Time < 2S @ nominal input (100% load )
Output Hold Time> 20ms @ 115Vac, > 115 ms @ 230Vac (100% load )
Voltage Overshoot ≤5%
Input Voltage Range 90~264VAC
Input Rated Voltage Range 100~240VAC
Frequency Range 47~63Hz
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Starting Voltage 90VAC
Efficiency > 90.0% @ 115VAC, > 91.0% @ 230VAC
Input Current @25℃ < 4.40A @ 115VAC, < 2.20A @ 230VAC
Inrush Starting Current @25℃ < 35A @ 115VAC& 230VAC
Power Factor > 0.99 @ 115VAC, > 0.93 @ 230VAC
Over Power Protection288~360W Swing machine (Testing method: Increase the output current until enabling the protection. Protection mode:Swing machine, Self-recovery after over-power released.)
Over Voltage Protection57~70V Swing machine (Short circuit the Pin1-2 of U8, swing machine. Output recovery to normal after removing the short circuit) Note: Do not use external voltage.
Over Current Protection6~7.5A Swing machine (Testing method: Increase the output current until enabling the protection. Protection mode:Swing machine, Self-recovery after over-current released.)
Short Circuit ProtectionIt achieves the long-term short circuit by connecting a sufficient cross-sectional area copper cable (Length at 15cm±5cm) with power output port. Self-recovery to normal after removing the short circuit.
Operation Temperature and Humidity -40~70℃; 20%~95%RH
Storage Temperature and Humidity -40℃~85℃; 10%~95%RH non-condensing
Temperature Coefficient ±0.03%/℃(0~50℃)
LibrationFrequency range: 10 ~ 500Hz, Acceleration: 2G, Each sweep cycle 10min. Six sweeps along the X, Y, and Z axis
SurgeAcceleration: 20G, Duration time: 11mS, Three shocks along X, Y and Z axis
Altitude 2000m
Security Standard GB4943/EN60950 ■Reference □Certification
Dielectric StrengthInput—Output:3KVac/10mA; Input--Case:1.5KVac/10mA; Output---Case:0.5KVDC/10mA Time for each testing is 1min.
Grounding Test Test Condition: 32A/2min; Ground bond: <0.1 ohms.
Leakage Current @25℃ Input to GND ≤3.5mA; Input to output ≤0.25mA (Input 264Vac, 63Hz)
Insulation Resistance Input—Output: 10M ohms
Conducted InterferenceEN55022, EN55024, FCC PART 15 CLASS B
Radiated InterferenceEN55022, EN55024, FCC PART 15 CLASS B
Harmaonic current EN61000-3-2 CLASS D
Conducted Emission EN61000-4-6 Level3
Radiated Emission EN61000-4-3 Leve3 criterion B
Power Frequency Emission EN61000-4-8 Level3
Electrostatic Emission EN61000-4-2 Level4 criterion B
EFT EN61000-4-4 Level4 criterion B
Surge EN61000-4-5 Level4 criterion B
Dip and Interruption EN61000-4-11

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