Name:130W/52V Desktop Power Adapter (With Certification)


130W/52V Desktop Power Adapter(With Certification)


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Product Name130W/52V Desktop Power Adapter (With Certification)
Group of Output1
DC Voltage52V
Output Current Range0-2.5A
Ripple Noise0<Ta≤55℃,≤50mVp-p ;-15≤Ta≤0℃,≤100mVp-p
Stabilized Voltage Precision ±1%
Line Regulation±1%
Load Regulation ±1%
Temperature Coefficient ±0.03%/℃
Output Start Time ≤3.0S (120Vac input, Full load); ≤2.0S (220Vac input, Full load)
Output Hold Time ≥10mS(120Vac input, Full load); ≥20mS(220Vac input, Full load)
Voltage Overshoot <5.0%
Input Voltage Range90~264VAC
Input Rated Voltage Range100~240VAC
Frequency Range47Hz~63Hz
Efficiency 91%
Input Current<1.1A
Inrush Starting Current <40A@300Vac Cold start
Leakage Current input to output less than 0.25mA
Over power protection156~195W Swing machine (Testing method: Increase the output current until enabling the protection. Protection mode:Swing machine, Self-recovery after over-power released.)
Over voltage protection59-60V Swing machine (Short circuit the Pin1-2 of U8, swing machine. Output recovery to normal after removing the short circuit) Note: Do not use external voltage.
Over current protection3~3.2A Swing machine (Testing method: Increase the output current until enabling the protection. Protection mode:Swing machine, Self-recovery after over-current released.)
Short circuit protectionIt can be short circuited for a long time and automatically recover after the short circuit is eliminated.
Operation Temperature and Humidity-20℃~65℃; 20%~90%RH No condensing
Storage Temperature and Humidity-40℃~85℃; 5%~95%RH No condensing
Security StandardGB4943/EN60950
Dielectric StrengthInput—Output:3KVac/10mA; Input--Case:1.5KVac/10mA; Output---Case:0.5KVDC/10mA Time for each testing is 1min.
Insulation ResistanceInput-Output: 100M ohms; Input-Case: 100M ohms; Output-Case: 100M ohms;
Electromagnetic Interference EN55022 Class A
Harmaonic Current IEC61000-3-2 class A equipment requirements
Electromagnetic interference Immunity EN61000-4-2,4,5,6,8,11 ENV50204, class A heavy industry standard
Design MTBF 100,000Hrs AT 25℃, MIL-217 Method 2 Components Stress Method
Product size(L*W*H) 172*72*34mm
Certification 3C.CE. FCC.EMI/EMC
NotesIf the specification is not specified, all specifications and parameters shall be measured at rated input, rated load and 25 C ambient temperature. Ripple noise test method: the use of a 12# twisted pair, while the terminal to parallel capacitance of 0.1uF and 10uF, measured at the scope of the oscilloscope 20MHz bandwidth. The power supply will be installed on the final equipment as a component, and the final equipment will still have to meet the EMC condition.

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